Texas DIR

Brite is proud to announce that we are now on the Texas DIR contract for Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Recovery IT Products and Related Services – contract #DIR-TSO-4073.

For pricing information please contact your regional account executive, Trevor Smith at TSmith@britecomputers.com.  He will happily assist you in all any Public Safety IT needs.  Additional RMA information can be found here.

DIR Product Offerings:

Brand Product Description DIR Customer Discount % off MSRP
Getac Rugged Laptops 21.75%
Getac Rugged Tablets 16.35%
Getac Extended Warranty 12.50%
Getac Video 12.50%
Getac Laptop/Tablet Accessories 12.50%
Lund Ind Mounts and Docks 10.00%
IKey Laptop/Tablet Accessories 15.00%
TG3 Laptop/Tablet Accessories 8.00%
Lind Laptop/Tablet Accessories 12.00%
NetMotion Laptop/Tablet Accessories - Licenses 11.00%
NetMotion Laptop/Tablet Accessories - Maintenance 2.00%
Antenna Plus Global Positioning Systems 16.50%
Sierra Wireless Global Positioning Systems 10.00%
Vigilant Solutions Global Positioning Systems 10.00%
Track Star Global Positioning Systems 5.00%
Brite Vault Backup and Recovery 5.00%
Related Services DIR Customer Discount % off MSRP
BriteDeploy: Mobile Installation Services 20.00%
BriteDeploy: Asset Tagging 20.00%
BriteDeploy: Set up and commissioning 15.00%
BriteDeploy: Start up and configuration 15.00%
BriteDeploy: Fixed Camera installation 10.00%
BriteDeploy: Image Loading 20.00%
BriteDeploy: Harddrive Removal 20.00%
BriteDeploy: Project Management Services 20.00%
BriteDeploy: Training 20.00%

DIR Volume Discount:

Contract Sales Threshold Additional Discount
$500,000.00 2.00%
If payment is received net 10 days from Invoice Date 2.00%

Brite’s Texas DIR line item pricing can be downloaded here.

For more information on Texas DIR Cooperative Contracts please visit the DIR website.