Brite is proud to announce that we are now on the Texas DIR contract for Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Recovery IT Products and Related Services – contract #DIR-TSO-4073.

For pricing information please contact your regional account executive, Norbert Repinske at  He will happily assist you in all any Public Safety IT needs.  Additional RMA information can be found here.

DIR Product Offerings:

Brand Description DIR Customer Discount % off MSRP
Getac Rugged Laptops 21.75%
Getac Rugged Tablets 16.35%
Getac Extended Warranty 12.50%
Getac Video 12.50%
Getac Laptop/Tablet Accessories 12.50%
Lund Industries Mounts and Docks 10.00%
Ikey Laptop/Tablet Accessories 15.00%
TG3 Laptop/Tablet Accessories 8.00%
Lind Laptop/Tablet Accessories 12.00%
NetMotion Laptop/Tablet Accessories - Licenses 11.00%
NetMotion Laptop/Tablet Accessories - Maintenance 2.00%
Antenna Plus Global Positioning Systems 16.50%
Sierra Wireless Global Positioning Systems 10.00%
Vigilant Solutions Global Positioning Systems 10.00%
Track Star Global Positioning Systems 5.00%
BriteVault Backup and Recovery 5.00%
Brite BriteDeploy: Mobile Installation Services 20.00%
Brite BriteDeploy: Asset Tagging 20.00%
Brite BriteDeploy: Set up and commissioning 15.00%
Brite BriteDeploy: Startup and configuration 15.00%
Brite BriteDeploy: Fixed Camera Installation 10.00%
Brite BriteDeploy: Image Loading 20.00%
Brite BriteDeploy: Harddrive Removal 20.00%
Brite BriteDeploy: Project Management Services 20.00%
Brite BriteDeploy: Training 20.00%


DIR Volume Discount:

Contract Sales Threshold Additional Discount
$500,000 2.00%
If payment is received net 10 days from Invoice Date 2.00%


Brite’s Texas DIR line item pricing can be downloaded here.


For more information on Texas DIR Cooperative Contracts please visit the DIR website.