Breach of the Week: GovPayNow Leaks 14M+ Records

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What Happened: GovPayNet ( is the latest victim of a data leak. The online payment company is used by more than 2,000 government agencies in 35 states for online payment of everything from traffic citations to court-ordered fines.   On September 14, 2018, it was discovered that more than 14 million customer records could be accessed… Read more »

Three Networks Every Company Needs

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Today’s Brite Insight is brought to you by one of Brite’s certified ForeScout Engineers, Matt Ostrowski. Matt specializes in unique ForeScout deployments and enjoys finding new ways to utilize the technology.   Network access control, or NAC, allows you to pre-determine a set of parameters and policies that either allow or deny a device access…. Read more »

3 ways to create a cybersecurity culture

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The average cost of a data breach is 3.62 million globally.   Non-malicious employee error is typically the cause of a data breach. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter what IT security system an organization has in place if employees aren’t educated on the importance of cybersecurity.   Establishing a cybersecurity culture requires everyone to have an equal part in cybersecurity, which is essential in protecting the organization. To create or strengthen your cybersecurity culture, use these three tips.  1…. Read more »

The DFS Cybersecurity Regulation 23 NYCRR 500 Marathon

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Marathon to Compliance

Today’s blog is brought to you by Trevor Smith, EVP of Sales and Marketing at Brite.  Trevor has 20 years of technology experience and a passion for problem solving with cutting edge technologies.   Monday, August 28th, marked the first deadline in the New York Department of Finance Cybersecurity Regulation 23 NYCRR 500. There have… Read more »

I Bet You Never Knew THIS About Clickbait

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“How To Lose 10 Pounds FAST!” “You Will Never Guess What This Star Did” “22 Of the Cutest Animals Ever…. Wait to see #17” We have all seen titles like this.  They often populate the bottom section of relatively legitimate articles under the guise of “Related Content”.  With the effectiveness of Google tracking , there… Read more »

Phishing Emails Are Getting Smarter – Are You?

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phishing for information image

Today’s blog is brought to you by Mike White.  Mike’s focus is providing the tri-state area with effective cyber security solutions.   We are all aware of the threat of phishing attacks. It is sometimes assumed that technical minded people are invincible to phishing attacks, but even the most savvy can be duped. The latest phishing… Read more »

The Realization Security is Not Built-In

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Today’s blog is brought to you by Kevin Cox, Brite’s Commercial Sales Manager.  Kevin comes to Brite after 15 years of experience in different technology fields.   The cyber threat landscape is a scary one and it is not getting any better. After spending over 15 years in different areas of technology with large organizations such as Oracle,… Read more »