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See the forest for the Trees

The human nervous system includes 5 senses with a dedicated sensory system for each. While all important to our personal lives, Sight is probably most important in the professional lives of information security and technology staff. To make informed decisions, we need to See everything connected to the network and understand the meaning of critical…

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April ForeScout User Group

Please join us for the 3rd consecutive ForeScout user group meeting hosted by Brite.  The event is planned to start at 11am on April 21st at Brite’s newly renovated offices.  For this event, we are very pleased to be joined by Pedro Abreu, ForeScout’s Chief Strategy Officer.  Mr. Abreu will deliver a detailed discussion on: The future of ForeScout…

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Combating BYOD Security Issues

Today, mobile devices come in all shapes and sizes, from smartphones, notebooks and tablets, to the new Smartwatch. While this mobility boosts efficiency through “anywhere, anytime access” to business systems it creates an equal amount of uncertainty and vulnerability for the organization. With 81% of employees currently using personal devices at work, security managers have…

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