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A Screen for Every Need (ft. Getac Models)

Does it ever amaze you how many options there are? Whether we’re talking pizza toppings, laundry detergent or computers, there’s always different options or configurations.  While each serves a distinct purpose, it can make it an overwhelming process to find the perfect solution.  Now we’re not exactly experts in detergent (maybe self-proclaimed pizza experts), but after 20…

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Getac Model Overview Series: Ft. A140, F110, V110 Computers

Interested in Getac’s A140, F110 or V110 models for your fleet?  These popular models are part of Getac’s powerful mobile computing lineup that help keep officers connected and productive whether at the station, on patrol or out in the field. To help in your search for the perfect mobile computing solution, our own Public Safety…

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Technology Fails. A Guide to Getac Warranties.

Technology fails.  That’s the reality.  Whether an accidental drop, a missing screw or a sudden blue-screen, things happen.  Luckily, the majority manufacturers offer some variation of warranty protection.  As public safety departments make investments (both monetary and time) in new technology, warranty coverage is important to consider during the evaluation and product selection process.   With that, today we’re going…

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