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Getac Model Overview Series: Ft. A140, F110, V110 Computers

Interested in Getac’s A140, F110 or V110 models for your fleet?  These popular models are part of Getac’s powerful mobile computing lineup that help keep officers connected and productive whether at the station, on patrol or out in the field. To help in your search for the perfect mobile computing solution, our own Public Safety […]

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In Vehicle Technology: A Look Back and What is Coming Next

In Vehicle Technology: A Look Back and What is Coming Next Police Officers are constantly adapting their equipment to their environment and daily demands. The concept of the cruiser being a mobile office was developed by those who worked long shifts and thought: “What could be added to this car to make my job easier? […]

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Strapped for Storage in your Police Vehicle?

Today’s blog is brought to you by Lindsey Cooksey and our friends at Lund Industries. Outside of the major metropolitan cities, most Americans depend on their vehicles for transportation.  Whether in a driveway, parking lot or on the street these vehicles need to be secured to prevent theft of valuable personal items.  Police vehicles are […]

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