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Your fleet’s technology is going EOL, now what?

Outfitting your fleet with the latest and greatest technology isn’t as simple as going to the local Best Buy and buying equipment.  Instead, there are budgets, red tape, RFPs, time restraints that lengthen and influence the buying process.  Whether your fleet is 10 cars or 200, it’s not always straightforward to equip it with the right technology.  …

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The Right Solution for Your Fleet

Whether it’s a refresh or equipping new vehicles, outfitting an entire fleet isn’t always easy. Between product options, safety, technology advancements, budgets, RFPs, contracts, and timing, the buying process can be overwhelming and long.   From our 20 years of public safety experience, we have put together a quick cheat sheet of things to consider in the…

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In Vehicle Technology: A Look Back and What is Coming Next

In Vehicle Technology: A Look Back and What is Coming Next Police Officers are constantly adapting their equipment to their environment and daily demands. The concept of the cruiser being a mobile office was developed by those who worked long shifts and thought: “What could be added to this car to make my job easier?…

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