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Efficient Contact Tracing with Video Content Analytics for Preventing the Spread of COVID-19

Today’s blog is brought to you by our partner BriefCam | Republished from BriefCam’s blog What is Contact Tracing Public health experts are nearly unanimous in their opinion that contact tracing, alongside testing, is essential to quelling the COVID-19 crisis by breaking the chain of transmission. Testing indicates who is infected with the virus, while contact tracing enables others to learn […]

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The Use of Video by Law Enforcement

To keep the public safe, law enforcement agencies have always relied on the latest technology.  Each decade of the 1900s can be marked by the introduction of a critical investigative technology.  1900s: The introduction of fingerprinting  1920s: The introduction of the polygraph machine  1930s: The introduction of two-way radios  1940s: Radar detectors used to capture vehicle speeds  1950s: Electronic data processing machines summarized arrests and warrants  1960s: The introduction […]

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