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Securing a Network: Gain Control of Network Traffic

We’ve said it a million times, everyone has said it a million times – threats are evolving, networks are becoming more dynamic and traditional security approaches are no longer enough.  These days, the combination of the influx of connected devices and changes to networks, creates the necessity of having full visibility and the ability to take…

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Securing a Network: Agentless Visibility

In order to successfully secure a network, it requires multiple, simultaneous steps ranging from endpoint protection to managing a SIEM.  However, the simple fact is that a network cannot be fully secure if there are unknown connected devices or applications.  Therefore, gaining full visibility of the threat landscape is a critical component in combating the ever-evolving threat landscape.  …

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See the forest for the Trees

The human nervous system includes 5 senses with a dedicated sensory system for each. While all important to our personal lives, Sight is probably most important in the professional lives of information security and technology staff. To make informed decisions, we need to See everything connected to the network and understand the meaning of critical…

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