The Silent Witness: Changing how the Public and Police Interact

Prominent cases involving law enforcement has led to closer scrutinization of police behavior. Accusations of misconduct against an officer can cost departments millions of dollars. Investigations can be lengthy and complicated when there are conflicting accounts of what happened. Fortunately, the introduction of body-worn cameras with the in-car video system can provide objective details of incidents. Together they work as one to capture incidents from multiple vantage points, enriching the overall evidence and helping to resolve complaints.

Research has determined that body-worn cameras benefit not just police officers, but the public as well. In addition to aiding in the resolution of officer-involved incidents or complaints, body-worn cameras can:

  • Strengthen police accountability by documenting incidents and encounters between officers and the public.
  • Prevent or de-escalate confrontational situations by improving the behavior of both the officer and the people being recorded.
  • Strengthen officer performance by using the footage to aid in officer training.
  • Improve evidence documentation by providing officers clarity on small details they may have missed during the incident.

The integration of body-worn cameras with an in-car video system builds trust and strengthens the relationship between a community and its police force by improving agency transparency. By combining the two, you get video coverage from all angles to help aid in all types of investigations, build community trust, and strengthen officer performance.

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