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Video is an incredibly valuable asset for Public Safety officials. It allows for increased situational awareness, virtual eyes of the scene and improved situation evaluation.

Video for Public Safety

Utilize video more effectively than ever with the combination of video evidence and video analytics. Both in-car and body-worn video are proven to be valuable assets in investigations. Streamline efficiency with the ability to combine both into a single evidence record. Get eyes on the scene faster with drone video footage before officers being deployed. Maximize video setups with the ability to search hours of video in seconds and find the needle in the haystack with video analysis.

Body-Worn, In-Vehicle and Interview Room Video

The powerful combination of in-car, body-worn and Interview Room video provides law enforcement with tangible evidence for investigations and tracks officer movement to improve safety. Partnered with Getac Video Systems, Brite is able to provide both cutting-edge camera technology and an integrated back-end video management system that consolidates footage from the incident and the interview into one evidence record.

Video Analysis with BriefCam

Leverage existing video assets and save resources by analyzing hours of video in minutes. With Brite’s video analysis offering featuring BriefCam, agencies can cut out the noise through advanced filtering and focuses on the target to solve crimes faster.  Additionally, get real-time notifications of pre-set safety, security and operational events.

Situational Awareness with Live Earth

See all of your cameras on a single, actionable map. Click on camera icons to gain instant view of the situation or add the cameras to a video wall to see all the action in one place. With Live Earth, multiple video management systems as well as public and private cameras can be consolidated into a real-time view of the incident.

Solutions For

The Brite Advantage

Our certified engineers and experienced public safety sales professionals will take the time to understand your agencies needs and match those unique needs with our industry-leading partners' solutions, managed services and IT services. We then take it a step further to help your department integrate tools together for a complete solution.

Once you have selected a solution, our engineers will assist in the implementation and support of the product long after the sale. Brite is here to support your department throughout the life of your purchase.

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